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Sales Outsourcing Specialists, Inc. (SOS)
 Consulting Services can drive much better performance and execution from your sales team immediately.  Our expertise can proactively help your company avoid declining revenue, high turnover or too many competitive losses before any this happens!

  • Do you need to rejuvenate your sales team with a more modern and advanced way of selling using a hybrid of all the leading sales methodologies?


  • Are you currently revamping part or possibly all of your entire sales process and need some assistance or another opinion from an unbiased third party?


  • Are your salespeople wasting time and resources trying to create opportunities out of unqualified business through an act of desperation to make the forecast look better?


  • Can your salespeople effectively conduct a needs analysis call that sets up the competition for failure and professionally influences the buying process to create a winning position for your company?


  • Do your salespeople know how to subtly introduce the unique business value, competitive advantages and value proposition of your solution during every telephone conversation and sales call?


  • Are your salespeople structuring sales cycles around a compelling event even creating one if possible while simultaneously leveraging both the formal and informal decision criteria as well as political alignment?


  • Has your company developed a sales model that compresses the sales cycle and accelerates time to closure?


  • Are your salespeople selling by creating a vision and solving a problem?

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