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The key to increasing the sales process maturity level is in identifying and isolating the critical parts of the sales cycle that need tuning or optimization then mentoring and modeling the proven consultative selling techniques for the sales team on a periodic basis.

All this is accomplished by applying a "Best Practices" approach with a knowledge transfer of the many lessons learned while striving towards an overall objective of continuous improvement.

Why not pinpoint a specific part of the sales cycle that provides the most value back to the company, is the most critical or problematic and start there?

Sales Outsourcing Specialists, Inc. (SOS) can assist in refining, tuning and optimizing an existing sales process or designing, developing and deploying a new sales process that is:
  • efficient
  • economical
  • executable
  • scalable
  • repeatable 
  • strategic

and most importantly, structured around competitive advantages, a preferred decision making process and key value statements.

Services can be packaged into the following modules:
Sales Strategy and Planning

  • Go To Market
  • Internal Operations

Sales Execution and Training

  • Pipeline Development
  • Solution Evaluation
  • Individual Performance

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