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Over twenty-five years of sales, sales operations and sales management experience with major software and high technology companies has positioned us to be able to effectively assist clients by solving complicated sales related problems.

Sales Outsourcing Specialists, Inc. (SOS)
 leverages the foundation of a comprehensive Sales Operations framework with advanced Sales Management skills, practices, processes and techniques for motivating and enabling salespeople to:

  • clearly understand and identify the prospect or customer pain points
  • trace impact back to key decision makers or power buyers
  • resolve complex issues by tying the proper solution capabilities back to the need
  • develop an executable and repeatable strategy to beat the competition
  • tactfully influence the decision making process to create a winning position
  • effectively present to the decison maker or business buyer with a conversational style
  • sell with use cases and value propositions
  • create more business value 


This innovative project-based, problem solving approach can be supplemental to or in lieu of a permanent sales management position thereby providing a way to quickly resolve critical sales issues ensuring more predictable sales growth without the need to invest a substantial amount of time and capital in hiring a full-time Sales Manager, Director of Sales Operations or VP of Sales.


In addition, the SOS resource will have a high proficiency in the skills required to quickly isolate and resolve the problem.  This "best of breed" model provides immediate payback on a "trial basis" while the search may continue on to find the perfect candidate if needed.

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