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Sales Outsourcing Specialists, Inc. (SOS) is fully committed to making sure that every interaction with each customer is purposeful, professional and productive.  Our company mission statement is to help our clients drive more revenue through efficient and effective sales process execution.  Our company mantra is to always focus on planning, preparation and performance.

In alignment with the Sales 2.0 philosophy and approach, SOS works with clients to build and or deliver on a specialized project or program that fits the company profile and addresses a specific sales related need or opportunity, solves a current sales execution problem or drives improved performance and business value.

Sales 2.0 philosophy, sales execution, business value, customer interaction

This is accomplished by creating a more effective and efficient way of selling for both the seller and the buyer that is enabled by leveraging social media and other technologies!

SOS can design and or use a solution selling sales methodology and customer centric sales process that allows organizations to sell in the way the customer wants to buy. By continually improving practices as the market shifts and by applying the proper modeling, mentoring, monitoring and measuring, performance improves dramatically and results not only become more predictable, but exceed expectations.

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