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As one of the fastest growing sales outsourcing companies in the upper Midwest, Sales Outsourcing Specialists, Inc. (SOS) will provide better performance and execution with improved lead generation, pipeline development, telesales and enterprise sales results while utilizing a more cost effective and efficient model than typical in-house deployments or Value Added Resellers. In comparison to the alliances channel, SOS removes the risk of losing sales and confidential information around competitive advantages or sales processes to other vendors represented by the same VAR.

The better performance and execution which translates into more revenue is due to our people, processes and products. Our people have significant sales and domain expertise, the processes are highly tuned and optimized around sales best practices and the products are much more advanced and innovative technologies.

The pay for performance structure eliminates complacency, mediocrity and bureaucracy. As a client, you will receive more revenue per dollar spent.

Costs are saved by increasing productivity, reducing overhead, accelerating sales enablement and collapsing ramp up time with more modern techniques. The interim model provides added flexibility around staffing requirements and accommodates fluctuations in demand for resources.

In summary, SOS can forward cost savings on to your company in the areas of recruiting, training, managing and operating telemarketing and sales teams.

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