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Proper sales enablement starts with the right attitude and the right approach!

At Sales Outsourcing Specialists, Inc. (SOS), we advocate, if need be, using different sales methodologies on various parts of your sales cycle, more of a "best of breed" approach while leveraging mentoring and coaching on active sales opportunities.

This does not require weeks of upfront classroom training taking salespeople out of the field or away from other important sales kickoff meetings, in other words, no downtime.  Instead, we recommend learning on a "sliding scale" which increases retention, comfort level and confidence.  This model does not require the deployment of a complete sales methodology across the entire sales force either.

Traditional Sales Enablement includes
Classroom Style Workshop with PowerPoint Slides and Role Playing
Poor Retention and Lack of Focus for Salespeople
Use of a Single Sales Methodology with a Generic Sales Process
Training around the Entire Sales Process 
Generalized Selling Templates
Higher Cost
Disappointing Implementation Results
Sales Managers too Busy to Enforce or Monitor
Paperwork Intensive Processes
Poor Adoption Rate

SOS Framework for Sales Enablement includes:
Mentoring on a Sliding Scale During Actual Sales Calls
Customized Sales Processes
Using Best of Breed Sales Approach Blended for Different Parts of the Sales Cycle
Focusing only on Critical Parts of the Sales Process
Activities Tied to Revenue
Developing Expertise not Dependent on Selling Templates
More Time Spent Selling than doing Paperwork
Lower Cost
No Downtime
Accelerated Learning
Salespeople Quickly Achieving a Level of Self-sufficiency

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