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Our Lead Management programs typically are based on a client specific opportunity, solving a particular pain point or clearly demonstrating a compelling business value proposition.  Tailored marketing programs can be designed and structured around specific needs. 

Sales Outsourcing Specialists, Inc. (SOS) has been a visionary in designing and implementing a "Closed Loop" marketing to sales handoff process that has proven to drive better overall sales execution and performance through improved team level communication and collaboration.

Campaign based ROI calculations with a detailed cost analysis is available to our clients as well.

Demand Generation

  • Account penetration
  • Cold calling
  • E-mail campaigns
  • Networking
  • Social Media
  • Can target specific demand creation campaigns

Lead Qualification

  • Lead scoring - budget, approval, need or value and timing (BANT)

Lead Nurturing

  • Valuable, relevant and useful
  • Less is more
  • Match content to buyer profiles
  • Based on buyer behavior
  • Match content to buying stage (awareness - thought leadship and best practices, analysis - comparisons and reviews, negotiation - company and support information)
  • Use Marketing events and collateral
  • CRM integration
  • Let prospects determine the timing
  • Sell in a way that the customer wants to buy

Pipeline Development

  • Event Registration
  • Appointment Setting
  • Discovery and Needs Analysis calls


Inside Sales

  • Enterprise Sales support
  • Ownership of high frequency, lower value transactions
  • Inbound and Outbound Call Center support
  • Account Management
  • Customer Service

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